EAI – Einstein AI Token  White Paper





The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of  (EAI) is a major component of the ecosystem on EAI will be issued as ERC-20 standard compliant digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of introducing EAI is to reward token holders with payouts from 5% of the company’s total trading profits. Einstein Invoices a 12% trading fee to all trading accounts using the and Data Scientist trading team Products, 5% of the EAI performance fee profit can be claimed by the EAI token owners in an airdrop every 90 days. This reward is paid to holders of 5,000 USD equivalent in EAI tokens. Einstein AI does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest, the Distributor, its affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking, nor will Einstein AI entitle token holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns. We only offer reward airdrops in the EAI token to the Holders of the EAI coin and are not intended to constitute securities in Dubai or any relevant jurisdiction.


The concept of reward-yielding token is borrowed from the stock market and in many crypto models across the industry, where investors receive dividends from certain shares they own a token holder will receive airdrop rewards in the crypto market. In the world of capital markets, it is not impossible for an investor to recoup all of their original investments as a return from airdrop rewards, all the while still owning the EAI token. This is despite the relatively modest returns from stocks compared to the potential of the cryptocurrency markets. When re-invested passive income can yield even higher returns and, subsequently, bring larger passive income in the future. In the meantime, holders may still profit from a possible value appreciation of their token. Let’s not ignore the power of compounding – reinvesting dividends, combined with value. appreciation is like passive income on steroids. It has the potential to return the original investment multiple times over a few years. In a world of negative interest rates, investing in the right dividend token may prove to be a game-changer.



About the AI and Research Team


The Research team leads all decisions on portfolios assisted by the AI and many other factors. We use a 7 year developer algorithm, 20 years of trading on our team,  sentiment analysis based on social media and news. We absorb the data, store, filter, and process them with NLP (Natural Language Processing) in real-time to evaluate the sentiment of the market about each cryptocurrency. The market is highly driven by emotions, which can be positive or negative, of greed or fear. Such indicators leverage a very significant predictive power for the next market moves.


The challenges in crypto trading The crypto asset management industry is still young, although now reaching a first level of maturity. As such, it faces a certain number of challenges for which there are no good solutions today. Many want to be part of the cryptocurrencies revolution but few are actually successful in making good profits in this market. This is not that opportunities are missing: precisely the number of opportunities is tremendous compared to traditional markets. But the ability to catch them is the real issue as traders do not have the right tools at their disposition.



Data Scientist Ranking Platform


The most competitive crypto data science tournament in the world.

Building the world’s most accurate crypto market data using crowdsourcing data scientists to predict outcomes.


EAI Token will be the driving force behind our research and data scientists will be entered into a ranking system and rewarded EAI tokens for their performance. Einstein AI mix of data science, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and crowdsourcing .



What is Einstein AI Data Scientist Ranking Platform?


Einstein AI has several innovative mechanics including an AI driven trading algorithm, Research team and the newest development our Data Scientist pool of 10,000 + researchers/traders/wallet trackers. Combined with our API connecting engine to autotrade direct to your Binance, Kucoin, Metamask. The AI combines 30+ Indicators into one algorithm designed for a weekly time frame and works on macro scale economics.The next EAI version will combine the Research Team hand picking the portfolios along with the Data Scientist Pool addition. The AI predicts market movements on the Bitcoin and Altcoin market, Altcoins tested ETH, BNB, MATIC, KCS, UNISWAP, BTC trade accuracy 92% on weekly AI time frame since early 2019. The Data Scientist pool will allow a crowd sourced population of traders, data scientists and other resources to compete giving Einstein the power to utilize this data.


 Einstein AI has been developed over a 3 year period and monitors the market 24/7. Adjustments to position size and portfolio holdings are set from AI decisions and will change according to market data and the software including news, sentiment, and algorithm. The AI will go into USDC or USDT in bear markets and wait for entry. Einstein AI is designed for High Net Worth, Institutional and retail accounts ranging from 5K to 100 million USD equivalent maximum. When performing a trade the AI will break down into smaller limit orders to avoid slippage on larger account values. Our new Token Launch will incorporate data from over 10,000 + Crypto Data Scientist portfolios and aggregate portfolio’s in combination with the Einstein AI to create the most profitable returns from the market for our clients. Einstein AI is completely non custodial, attach API keys and let our system automatically trade from our data aggregation and AI driven data. Below is how the new Token will work with our data scientist.








Data Scientist Research Pool/ Ranking System (Under development release (Q3-Q4)


Data scientists entering Einstein AI’s Ranking System will connect API keys, Binance, Kucoin, (Exchange accounts). The scientists use their predictions or algorithms to find patterns in the crypto market, and  test their predictions by syncing their exchange or metamask to Einstein AI Website via our software.


The traders get ranked, with the top 100 earning EAI coin. Einstein will cap its payouts in a U.S. dollar-denominated EAI amount, currently $15,000 USD EAI Equivalent a month with the top user able to earn $54,000 a year. EAI is projecting signups of 10,000 + data scientist/traders before the end of 2023, creating a meta-model from all submissions to make its investments.


EAI token will be used for data scientists to compete against each other in a ranking system performance based environment. Data scientists will compete in the market on our ranking system by staking a new crypto-token, Einstein AI (EAI), on their predictions/portfolio. The EAI Ranking system for resolving these stakes will reward correct predictions of a model’s ability to perform well on new data. With EAI Token, data scientists will now be able to display their experience and knowledge in the market with live performance. The results of the top performers will help us to emphasize the right models and improve the performance of our AI. We will aggregate the data from the top 1000 traders and utilize this to select the correct portfolio of cryptocurrencies in our AI.


EAI is an ERC20 Ethereum token. Ethereum tokens are represented as smart contracts that are executed on the Ethereum blockchain. All minted EAI are sent to Etherum Blockchian ERC-20. The Ethereum smart contract dictates there will never be more than 1 Billion EAI minted. Einstein AI will initially on launch send 1 million EAI to new data scientists based on their historical ranking on the Einstein AI leaderboard. After the initial distribution, the smart contract will mint a fixed number of Einstein AI each week until the maximum is reached. By performing well in Einstein AI machine learning competition, data scientists will earn EAI on an ongoing basis. When data scientists are confident of the predictions they have made, they send EAI to the EAI Ethereum smart contract. The receiving contract will hold the data scientists EAI  for some holding period, while waiting to judge performance results. After monthy time has passed, Einstein AI will send a message to the contract with information on which data scientists’ predictions performed well on new data. Those data scientists whose predictions performed well earn dollars based on the ranking, and their EAI are returned. Those data scientists whose predictions did not perform well on new data risk having their EAI coins Burned. The irreversible destruction of these EAI  will be publicly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.This in turn will lower the circulation supply increasing the value of the token over time.


Every monthly tournament has a staking payout pool, which is some fixed number of dollars. The ranking system allocates the prize pool among data scientists. Data scientists can submit bids with their portfolio positions in the the market example: BTC, ETH, BNB MATIC, ETH at 5 minimum coin portfolio. Bids are deposited with the data scientist confidence defined as the number of EAI the data scientist is willing to stake to win 1 dollar via EAI being staked. For some time EAI is locked in the Ethereum contract, inaccessible to anyone, including Einstein AI. After time has passed, a variant on the ranking system is used to judge payouts.


Ranking System


The data scientists are ranked in descending order of confidence until the prize pool is depleted, data scientists are awarded EAI if their models performed well or they lose staked EAI if they perform badly. Once the prize pool is depleted, data scientists no longer earn dollars or lose their stakes and coins are burned.


The Einstein AI Ranking System is where Data Scientist/Traders use financial data to predict the crypto market. Data Scientist portfolios can be staked with the EAI cryptocurrency to earn rewards based on performance.


The staked models of Einstein AI are combined to form the Ranking system which controls the active Einstein AI portfolio for Institutional, High Net worth and Retail clients. Each submission will be scored over the ~4 week duration of the round.


Submissions will receive its first score starting on the after the Monday deadline and final score on Wednesday 4 weeks later for a total of 20 scores. While your payouts depend on your performance in a single round, your reputation and rank depends on your performance over 20 rounds.


Long term performance is key.With every daily score, a new daily update on your payout is also computed. These daily payouts are also just updates and only the final payout of a round counts. You can track your daily payouts on the site and ranking system.


EAI Token Ranking System is a way of predicting the future pricing. In launching a competition on the site, EAI is looking to anticipate certain outcomes based on an existing collection of data. Data scientists call it “predictive modeling.





Token sale details 









The EAI token will be listed on Uniswap in June 2023 and major exchanges after this which will be disclosed after launch. This is  an excellent opportunity for early adopters and enthusiasts to participate actively in the project by buying the EAI tokens.


The token economy of Einstein AI is highly correlated to the business’s success, which allows controlling its velocity. While our products’ adoption is increasing, the token value increases and the quantity available on the market goes down.


HODL program To reduce the token velocity and encourage users to hold tokens in the long term, we will propose a loyalty program that will reward them for keeping their EAI tokens during specific periods. Depending on how long and how much the user is holding EAI tokens, they will get unique advantages, to be defined later. This program is complementary to the staking program: the longer tokens are staked, greater the benefits.





Legal Participating in an ICO is a high-risk activity. This ICO in particular is only aimed at experienced professionals who are used to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading. By participating in this ICO, the purchaser is aware and accepts the risks related to security, the potential lack of technical and economic results and the total or partial loss of its capital. Finally, the purchaser declares being aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction and to have conducted his own legal guidance according to the applicable law to which he subscribes. A table is available in the appendix containing the warnings from the main regulators around the world.



Rights and liabilities


 Any buyer purchasing EAI token acknowledges the technological and economical uncertainty of the project presented in this White Paper. As any experimental project, may never produce a result or could be abandoned.


Therefore, purchasers are aware of the absence of any legal action against the company in case of failure, non-performance or non implementation of the project, as well as in the case of the EAI token losing part or even the totality of its value.


Purchase of the EAI token confers the ability to use the coming platform services. No other rights are transferred upon the ICO. Precisely, the company’s only obligation is to distribute the EAI token under the conditions defined in the White Paper. During the ICO, the company may not be held liable for any of the following :


1. Use of the service that are not compliant with the applicable terms;


2. An error, malfunction, malicious action or violation of White Paper’s terms by the user, a third party or a service controlled by a third party;


3. All direct or indirect damage that may occur during the operation: cryptocurrency losses, profits or financial losses or other damages whatsoever in the type;


4. The loss of control, any reason (loss, hacking, unwanted disclosure or technical failure), of the users’ login credentials which would lead a fraudulent use of the tokens;


5. The temporary or permanent suspension of the service, whatever the cause, and especially due to a request from the public authorities, judicial authority or any third party;


6. Computer failure resulting in loss of data, including content in case of impact for the professional activity of users; WHITE PAPER | 46


7. Lack of compatibility between the service specificity and the customers requirements;


8. Generally, all damage whose cause does not depend on the company: Internet network outage, failure specific to the user’s equipment, etc.


Warning about the token


According to the UAE and European regulation, the EAI token is a cryptographic token usable on the Ethereum blockchain and allowing, in the long term, to access the functionalities of the platform.


The EAI token is not a security or a financial instrument within the meaning of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) of the European Parliament (2014/65/ EU) or within the meaning of the article L211-1 and followings of the French Monetary and Financial Code.


 Indeed, the token grants no financial (income, capital or dividend) or any property related or voting rights in the company.


Buyer acknowledges that the token does not grant any investment or financial advice, or any license required by the financial institution. Any available Service, including but not limited to the Trading AI are purely for guidance, information and educational purposes.


The token is a crypto-asset issued by through the ICO and used by the members of the platform and community.


Sales restrictions 


The participation in the ICO is strictly reserved for natural or legal persons acting within the scope of their professional activities. Especially, the professional purchaser claims to have a good knowledge of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. Any natural person acting on a non-professional basis as a simple consumer within the meaning of EU Directive 2011/83/EU relating to consumer rights is excluded from the ICO.


It is the responsibility of each purchaser to determine its non-professional status and, in doing so, to refrain from participating in any way in the ICO. Due to national legislation, participants from the following countries are not allowed to participate in the ICO, except for accredited investors: “US person”, Canada, South Korea and China. This prohibition applies to all types of people (moral, physical, agent, etc.) and to any indirect participation (via a proxy, a name loan, etc.).


By participating in the ICO, the purchaser agree on the legal disclaimer and, especially, that he respects the above provisions.


Warning about the ICO inherent risks 


ICOs are high-risk operations because of their completely experimental nature. By participating in this operation, participants declare to understand and assume the following risks:




The lack of regulation: the purchaser agrees not to benefit from any guarantees associated with IPOs on regulated financial markets or other regulated financial investments; –


Capital loss: the purchaser accepts the risk of a total or partial capital loss in cryptocurrency or in token; –


Volatility or market risk: the value of tokens, just like that of cryptocurrencies in general, can be extremely volatile and subject to significant, and largely unforeseeable fluctuations. Moreover, the market or markets on which these tokens are traded do not offer the same guarantees that are generally applicable to conventional financial markets. It is also quite possible that no resale market develops for the tokens, meaning that the purchaser may be either unable to sell them or have to sell them on unsatisfactory terms. –


Very early stage project: ICO aim to finance an innovative project based on a new technology and whose future evolutions are unpredictable. Therefore, the buyer accepts the risk of non-fulfillment of the project for technical, economic or legal reasons. –


Ethereum Protocol: the token is developed on the Ethereum protocol which is still at an experimental stage. Therefore, the buyer understands and accepts the risk that an evolution of the protocol renders the token or service unusable. –


Security risk: the buyer understands and accepts the risk of losing his total investment due to a security breach. If the company makes every effort to ensure the ICO safety, the experimental nature of the operation does not exclude the realization of financial or IT damages. It is recommended that the buyer take all measures to ensure the safety of his tokens and cryptocurrencies. –


Legal risk: The ICO have been structured to comply with the current regulations and good practices applicable. Nevertheless, the governing law of ICO is under construction around the world. The company can not be held liable in cases where restrictive regulations, injunctions by regulators, investigation or laws having an impact, in particular, on the issue, management or possession of token were to be adopted. In addition, the rules applicable to cryptocurrencies or tokens are different in each country. – This is why buyers are strongly advised to do a legal and tax analysis prior to their participation in the ICO. –


Risk of theft and piracy: The company can not be held responsible for acts of hacking (infiltration, defacement or DDoS) or computer theft that would affect the funds, the distribution of tokens or the smooth roll of the ICO. –


Risk of error or weakness: The company can not be held responsible for discovering a weakness in the cryptographic processes implemented in the context of the ICO. Similarly, the buyer declares to accept and understand the risk of error in the code of the smart-contract, the trust account (multisig wallet) or the software used for the ICO. WHITE PAPER |  


We explain the manners and details about Our Data Controller activity including Personal data collection and storing in our Privacy Policy document, which is available here:


Applicable law and jurisdiction 


This White Paper and any contractual relationship arising in relation with the ICO are governed exclusively by UAE law. The Parties agree to seek an amicable settlement prior to bringing any legal action. Failing this, any dispute, of any nature whatsoever regarding the Commercial Operation, will be brought expressly before the court with jurisdiction over registered headquarter.


Recent regulatory actions


As mentioned above, operations of the platform, the DAFs and EAI token may be impacted by future restrictive laws, regulations, opinions, decisions, injunctions, actions or investigations by national regulators and lawmakers. This list is provided for information purpose only and do not constitute legal advice.




The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 


issued (i) a report dated July 25, 2017 stating that tokens offered by the company The DAO were securities within the meaning of the 1933 Securities Act, and (ii) an “investor bulletin” informing potential investors on ICOs. – The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a statement on September 12th, 2017 warning potential investors about the risks associated with ICOs. – The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) issued a “staff notice” dated August 24th, 2017 in which it states that ICOs might be governed by Canadian securities laws (knowing that tokens would, however, not always constitute securities for the purpose of such laws) or by Canadian derivative laws (if the products issued qualify as derivatives). – The


Israel Securities Authority (ISA) 

published a statement dated August 30th, 2017 announcing that it would organize a committee to study the applicability of securities law to ICOs. –


The People’s Bank of China,

together with other Chinese regulators, issued a statement dated September 4th, 2017 prohibiting token fundraising transactions. Companies that have already launched an ICO are required to refund the tokens issued. –


The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) 


released a statement dated August 1st, 2017 concluding that some tokens might be qualified as securities within the meaning of the Singaporean Securities and Futures Act. –


The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) 


of Hong Kong made a declaration on September 5th, 2017 in which it stated that tokens may qualify as securities under the Securities and Futures ordinance. –


The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) of South Korea declared, on September 3rd,

2017, that it established a “joint task force meeting” to discuss crypto-currencies regulatory framework. –


The Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)


of Switzerland, in a press release dated September 29th, 2017, announced it was investigating various ICOs. The FINMA specified, in Guidance 04/2017 published on the same day, that ICOs are susceptible, depending on their structuring, to be governed by (i) AMl/KYC regulations (ii) banking monopoly provisions (iii) securities and derivatives trading regulations and (iv) collective investment schemes regulations. As mentioned by the FINMA, “due to the close proximity in some areas of ICOs and token-generating events with transactions in conventional financial markets, the likelihood arises that the scope of the application of at least one of the financial market laws may encompass certain types of ICO model”. WHITE PAPER | 50 –


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) 


recently published the Information Sheet 225 as guidance about the potential application of the 2001 Corporations Act to businesses conducting ICOs. According to this document, an ICO, depending on how it’s structured, could be qualified as a managed investment scheme, as a public offer and/or as an offer of derivatives. –


 Abu Dhabi’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) released guidelines on crypto currencies and ICOs dated October 8th, 2017, in which it specified that (i) existing KYC would be applicable to ICOs and (ii) some tokens, on a case-by-case basis and depending on how they are structured, may be classified as securities while others may be classified as commodities. –


The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF)


launched on October 26th, 2017, (i) an ICO assistance and research program dubbed “UNICoRN” to provide issuers with a framework for their ICO and to explore potential future regulatory actions, and (ii) a public consultation on ICOs, in which three regulatory options are presented: issuing guidelines on ICOs without changing the existing regulations, placing ICOs under the regime applicable to public offers of securities, or enacting a new, specific regulation for ICOs. –


The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA)


 published an investor alert on October 27th, 2017 underlying the “high risks” associated with ICOs (i.e. token volatility and likelihood of fraud) and warning issuers and investors that ICOs, depending on how they are structured, may fall within the scope of the Japanese payment Services Act and/ or of the Japanese Financial Instruments and exchange Act. –


New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) 


published a statement dated October 25th, 2017 on ICOs, explaining that the specific characteristics and economic substance of an ICO will determine if the token should be classified as a financial product. More importantly, the FMA specified that “all tokens or cryptocurrencies are securities under the FMC Act – even those that are not financial products”.









EAI TOKEN RELEASE – June 1st, 2023 Token will be available on Uniswap



The Token will be listed at .02 cents and will be used in the below roadmap for Einstein AI website. 




Launch Marketing Campaign, Social Media, and onboarding of Affiliates (Brokers) – Ongoing – Ongoing September Launch


EAI Ranking System/Data Scientist Pool -Completion October


Listing on Major Exchanges (MEXC, Okex,Kucoin, Binance and around 20 others)


Hedge Fund,Exchange, Family Office Onboarding





Goals 2023


22 Million in Funding

100 Million in Liquidity from exchange listings

10,000 Data Scientist / Traders

25 Hedge Fund, Family Office Signups

100 High Net Worth Signups

500 Retail Signups

Goal for EAI Coin to reach $1 by December (Not guaranteed)